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Our Passion: making up unique experiences, for an enhanced fun!

All Our Games were made directly with our professional clients (VR Rooms, companies), but also with our players and guests, to optimize at best your experience
Our Catalog is growing, and we’re always working on new adventures, so brace yourselves!

Gather the most ressources together, get lost in the deep jungle or in the immense caves, call your friends to open secret chests… and help the strange Captain Rackham to rebuild your ship to escape the Island before the volcanos makes you roast!

Type Exploration / Farming
Difficulty Beginner
Participants 1 to 8 players
Time 15-30 min

Wrongly Accused, you intend to get your revenge! Get in withyour team, andget out with as much as you can, unless you get caught by the police…

Type Action / Robbery
Difficulty Advanced
Participants 2 to 6 players
Time 15-30 min

Cooperate to vanquish the Powerful Wardens of Runes, protect the City of the Lions at all cost, and destroy the hordes of monsters… brace yourself!

Type Medieval Fantasy
Difficulty Regular
Participants 2 to 6 players
Time 20-25 min

Your Ship is drifting towards the Sun Alpha Pavonis! Will you succeed into solving the puzzles andenigmas, to take back the control of your ship?

Type Puzzle Game
Difficulty Beginner
Participants 1 player
Time 5-10 min

Enter the Arena and lead your team to victory! But Who between you and your oponents will catch the dragon's strenght the most times?

Type Free roaming arena
Difficulty Regular
Participants 4 to 8 players
Time 15-20 min

Locked in the City's undergrounds, fight the now awakened corrupted Hordes, and Free yourselves with Action and Cooperation!

Type Medieval Fantasy
Difficulty Regular
Participants 2 to 6 players
Time 25-30 min

Our news

Jolly Island est disponible sur la plateforme Synthesis VR

Jolly Island now on Synthesis VR


Ahoy! Jolly Island 🏝️is now available on SynthesisVR… But that’s not all! The Whole Game is available in French and in English !

Castaways, it’s time to fix this ship ⛵!

VR Game Gang Of Dummizz now on SynthesisVR

GANG OF DUMMIZZ now on Synthesis VR


LDLC VR Studio continues to expand internationally by teaming up with SynthesisVR!

GANG OF DUMMIZZ is now available via the SynthesisVR platform.

You get a free 7-day trial to test the game.

So, are you ready for the heist of the century?

LDLC VR Studio sets out to conquer the world!


In 2023, our VR Studio expands internationally. The goal is to have our games played all around the world. 🚀

Rune Tales: Undeground and Gang of Dummizz available in English


You asked us to do it for your English-speaking customers, we did it!

Rune Tales: Undeground and Gang of Dummizz are now fully available in English.

Release of Gang of Dummizz


Our latest VR game Gang Of Dummizz is out 🤗

The goal: rob a bank by stealing as many valuable items as possible without ever ending up behind bars 🤑

Ready to take up the challenge? 😏

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