Train your logistics teams with VR

Here is the new way to train your employees, for a quick start in the company, evolutive and uniform anywhere.

The future for your teams is a VR based training. It’s simple, and it simply fits… Just as LDLC VR Logistics!

LDLC VR Logistics, immersive learning all the way!

The new, truly innovative training

After 3 Years of VR production expertise, knowledge in Logistics needs, and more than 20 years of High Tech skills, we are thrilled to unveil the first (of many) training help: LDLC VR Logistics.

Dive into a real warehouse to learn security measures, Gestures, and tasks required in Logistics, made for anyone, easy to learn!

Why LDLC VR Logistics?

More Economic

No need to move or wait for someone to teach, sessions are now fast, easy and controlled with any further cost!


Full immersive experience allows the learner to be operative in 20 minutes, safely and anywhere.

More Efficient

Immersion allows to understand context better, experiment and memorize… 5 times better than a classic training.

More customizable

Modules are customizable and possible to adapt to your own work environment, to offer a 360° vision to your employees.

LDLC VR Logistics testers have been amazed by this system using the advantages of VR Training, adapted to every situation that can be found in a warehouse.

LDLC VR Logistics à la carte!

Discover our modules, filled with real situations, and available for any adaptations.



The trainees will experience the diversity of visual indications in a warehouse, would it be signs, or marks on the ground. To avoid any wreck, your newcomers will know what to do, how to do, and how to stay safe!


Hygiene and Environment

Recycling, cleaning and sorting the different materials that can be found in the warehouse… We know it: every warehouse has its own way to sort and recycle. But now, your newcomers will know it too.



How to act in case of Fire or Open Wounds? Your employees can learn to anticipate and avoid risks, with calm and efficiency. Avoid panic and offer new useful reflexes.


Individual Safety

Mandatory Clothing, protection and right using of equipement, those are many useful topics when the work environment can be dangerous. Your employees wil now know how to properly use a cutter, wear the equipement, and will know any other process.

Gestes and postures

Handling techniques

Learners are getting used to essential gestures for their safety. Knowing how to handle heavy weights, repetitive moves… little tips can become mandatory when the body integrity is on the balance…

Gestes and postures

Integrity and

Hygiene at work is something that must not be put aside. Avoiding accidents (for everyone), being aware of the environment and gaming experience (VR and real!) for all to be used in everyday life.

Want more?

You can test and adapt your experience as you wish: warehouse arrangement, different indications, exceptions, anything can be done to adjust the solution to your preferences!

To go further

LDLC VR Logistics viewed by the people who tried it; in game images, interviews about the experience compared to real situations… here is the true Logistics experience.

Every trainings you wish for!

You wish to have other trainings that are not Logistics? We can make it up! We will create a whole new experience based on your team’s needs. Customer service, work machines training, learn answers to precise situations? Just reach us out for any advice we can offer!

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