Tailor-made applications & Training

LDLC VR Studio meets all your VR needs: content creation, training apps for your teams, exploration of your premises, demonstration of your products… we are here to guide you.

Have any project? Any idea? Let’s talk about it together!

Learn the right gestures more easily!

The benefits have been proven: play and fun are incomparable for learning better and faster. What if you save time!?

Your tailor-made training

LDLC VR Studio deploys all its skills to develop YOUR personalised professional solution. Need to guide your new employees discovering their mission? Help your customers in a complex learning process? Educate or train efficiently without wasting time? VR is a fun tool just perfect for those usages.

For all your projects

  • Machine training
  • First aid training
  • Customer reception training
  • Fire safety training
  • Handling training

In short, together, everything is possible!

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